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At Mindful Business Evolution, I am on a mission to empower women in business through a holistic approach to personal and professional growth. Through our podcast/web show, mentoring sessions, workshops, and membership program, we provide valuable resources, support, and connections to help women thrive in their entrepreneurial journey.

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What we can do together

Podcast/Web show Production

MBE empowers women in business through insightful discussions on mindset, networking, and technology, showcased in our engaging podcast/web show.

Social Media

At Mindful Business Evolution, I offer comprehensive social media services to help you craft a strategic plan and practice consistent, impactful engagement.

What We Offer:

Social Media Planning: Develop a tailored strategy for your business.

Organic Growth: Experience in building authentic, engaged audiences.

Empowered Women's Hub Membership: Join our community to gain control over your mindset and business strategies.

Power Hour Sessions: Network, participate in social media activities, and get answers to your questions.

Practice and Support: Receive guidance and encouragement to confidently show up on social media.

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Virtual Workshops

MBE hosts virtual workshops on how to use technological tools for success, from email to social media management.

Additionally, MBE collaborates with other women to host their workshops and training in the virtual world.

At The Table Today

Transcendent Healing Meditation & Mandal Creation

Virtual Class & In-Person

Presented by Joti Daman

Join us for a quarterly workshop designed to quiet our minds and hone our focus. Joti, a Master Healer, will lead us through a transformative meditation session. We'll use the imagery from this meditation to create personalized mandalas, helping us maintain clarity and focus throughout each quarter.

Supply list and Zoom link at registration

Power Hour

Empowered Women's Hub

Community Event

Virtual Gathering

Twice a week

Currently meeting on

Monday 9 am

Thursday 9 am

access withing the Mindful Business Evolution Community Group: Empowered Women's Hub

Empowered Ladies Night

Networking is done differently

MBE and Community Partners

In person gatherings

6 - 8 pm Third Wednesdays

Monthly Potluck

Message Heather for the details.

Meet Heather, Founder of MBE

Welcome! I'm Heather, the driving force behind Mindful Business Evolution. As a single mom to a special kiddo and a survivor of a debilitating illness that has recurred over the past 19 years, I've cultivated resilience and strength. My journey from adversity to empowerment fuels my passion for helping women in business. I leverage my skills as a graphic designer and social media educator to provide holistic support through our podcast, mentoring sessions, workshops, and the Empowered Women's Hub. Join me in transforming your entrepreneurial journey with balance, creativity, and growth.


I have been blessed to work with Heather Ross at Mindful Business Evolution off and on over the last few years. Taking the leap to have her help me with my Crafty Creations Box Launch has not only been the best decision but has also been a lot of fun. Heather truly understands what I am trying to say and helps me turn my ideas into reality. Her expertise and guidance have been invaluable, and I am so grateful for her support and collaboration. If you’re looking for someone who can bring clarity and creativity to your business, I highly recommend Heather Ross!

That was awesome, thank you
Heather. I have already noticed that people I haven't seen in awhile or showing up in my feed now. I am finding an easy of interacting with stories on the laptop, vs the phone as Facebook lists them down the right hand
side. This allows me to skip the people who are part of my company so I can interact outside of my inner circle. This time is easy to work into my scheduled, I can eat lunch and work

Office: Somewhere in the woods

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